The Center for Integrative Biosciences has been established as a core facility to support bioscience and biotechnology research under the President’s office by reorganizing the Genetic and Animal Experimental Facilities. The mission of the Center is to facilitate cutting-edge biotechnology research that aligns with the national biotechnology strategy through collaboration among faculty, specialized technical staff. It aspires to be a hub for pioneering research at the intersection of science and engineering biotechnology.

Specifically, the Center will:

  1. function as the hub for strategic planning in biotechnology research, offering advanced research support services spanning research planning, access to state-of-the-art equipment and technical support. These services will be provided in collaboration with faculty, technical staff, and URAs.
  2. appoint experts in life science research management to oversee life science research. These experts will also offer consulting services to researchers across various fields, fostering an environment conducive to interdisciplinary biotechnology research.
  3. utilize the institutional career development system for technical staff to nurture young researchers and technical personnel who possess both planning and management skills. This will be achieved through integrated technical support from faculty and technical staff, enhancing the capabilities of personnel responsible for advanced research promotion.

Through the above integrated support, the Center aims to accelerate cutting-edge bioscience research, cultivate talent, and promote collaboration among researchers and companies across diverse disciplines. It seeks to catalyze numerous new "bio-driven" interdisciplinary research projects, contributing to the establishment of a "world-leading bioeconomy society".

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